A Professional Environmental Consultancy that Provides Best-in-class Solutions

Our Services

Airlement Technologies Limited (ATL) is a professional environmental consultancy that provides best-in-class solutions to our valued customers. ATL specializes in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and industrial hygiene service.


Regarding to the IAQ and industrial hygiene service for commercial buildings, ventilation hygiene is our main concern. All HVAC systems in commercial buildings must be inspected and cleaned regularly in order to ensure a good condition of the HVAC system and the well-being of the occupants who stay inside the buildings for a long period of time every day. 


Without proper cleaning of the HVAC system, it can have a direct impact on aspects such as increased energy cost and decreased workplace – productivity.

Our Technologies

ATL provides various advanced air purification technologies, such as Bi-polar Ionization, UV-C disinfection products and a combination of UV-C and HEPA Filtration technology.

For in-room air purification technologies, we deploy the following types of equipment to meet our customer’s needs.

Ceiling Type
Purification System

Standalone or
Wall Mount Type
Air Purifier

Desktop Type
Air Purifier

Regarding in-duct disinfection technologies, we provide cost-effective disinfection equipment, which can be either integrated into HVAC systems, VAV units and fan coil units or just connected with the air grilles of supply air ducts. 


In addition, we provide disinfection services with the application of US-EPA registered disinfectants and anti-microbial coating for  our commercial customers. This coating can effectively kill over 99% bacteria, viruses (including human coronavirus), molds and fungi on any surfaces, with a long-lasting effect up to 12 months.

Our Projects

IAQ Projects: Filtration Technology

IAQ Projects: Ionization Technology

Bipolar ionization is a proven air-purifying technology. It helps remove air pollutants and contaminants, such as odors, particulate matters (e.g. PM2.5), VOCs, bacteria and viruses effectively.

Our bipolar ionization products can protect people from airborne microbes, including the Coronavirus (COVID-19). These systems are installed inside the air handling units,  which produce positive and negative ions that break the cell-membranes of a microbe, such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other pathogens.

Air Purification & Sanitization Service

Air Purification & Sanitization Product

BIOLOGIC SR2 – Odor Neutralizer



Country of Origin



To prevent odors from sludge/biosolids

To reduce the formulation of H2S and ammonia

To increase activity rates of bacteria, rate of composting and biological breakdown of organic material/waste

Packaging (Concentrate)

20L Bucket

4L Pail

Packaging (Ready-to-use)

500ml Blue Bottle (Swift version)

500ml White Bottle (Fast version)

Airgle AG600 air purifier

Coverage area

1480 ft  (1 air change per hour)

740 ft  (2 air change per hour)

493 ft  (3 air change per hour)


325 m³ / hr

Net weight

16 kg


520 H x 380 W x 390 D (mm, with wheels)

460 H x 380 W x 390 D (mm, without wheels)